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Accessories for balloons

New network in modular plastic measuring 30x30 cm balloons to 5". Realizes easily and simply amazing balloon sculptures. Packed in bag of 12 Pcs. Detailed with instructions inside. Sign in and watch the video.
11,32£ + Tax
New Inflator for balloons modeled rechargeable, ultra quiet and lightweight.
62,88£ + Tax
Electric inflator professional operation at 220V, operated by pedal or button on the console. Inflate two balloons at a time to the desired size with absolute precision. Electronic display with selection of the balloon size and Counting reset. Suitable for inflating all types of balloons including moldable. Click and watch the video ...
479,40£ + Tax
Electric inflator professional operation with a 220V or battery. Operated by foot pedal or button on the console. This inflator is suitable for inflating balloons modeled all types and balloons 5. " Click and watch the video ...
385,43£ + Tax
Plastic weights for helium balloons. Available in different shapes and colors. Suitable to hold the ground balloons filled with helium ribbon. Pack of 50 Pcs.
3,93£ + Tax
Cube Balloon Sizer, made ​​of plastic material assembled. Measurements of balloons from 3 "to 14"
27,53£ + Tax