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Bubbles Soap

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Soap bubbles wedding cake
0,55£ + Tax
Bubbles Soap Princess
0,35£ + Tax
Professional machine for the production of soap bubbles artificial. For a lasting operation is advisable to use the special liquid bubbles described below.
The machine is in the range of 1 kg of liquid soap bubbles. Operations from the current or battery.
35,00£ + Tax
New Bubble Machine Electric Oversized metal storage tank of 1 liter. Just pour the liquid bubbles in the tank and turn on the machine .. are produced instantaneously in a myriad of bubbles. Liquid bubbles not included.
44,00£ + Tax
With Multi Mega Bubbler reception door make giant soap bubbles where the power to introduce a child inside.! Or create a simple movement of a multitude of small bubbles. It's with 2 trays for giant bubbles and bubbles smaller than 2 kg of liquid bubbles.
22,00£ + Tax
Professional kit to make mega bubbles up to 10 meters in length .. Easy to use with liquid Specifically created for this article. The kit includes: portable bucket, rods, concentrated liquid for bubbles and instructions. COME AND SEE THE MOVIE ....
22,00£ + Tax