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The conditions of our website:

Introduction Art.1
1.1 These general conditions of sale apply to all supplies of goods and / or services of any kind made by the company Newballoonstore Ltd.
1.2 Any special conditions and exemptions or modifications to these conditions shall be valid only if specifically agreed in writing between the buyer and Newballoonstore Ltd. (hereinafter simply client).
1.3 Any written and / or oral agents, distributors and / or external collaborators Newballoonstore Ltd. not binding except as expressly confirmed in writing and duly approved and signed by Newballoonstore Ltd.
Art.2 Orders
2.1 The orders sent by the Client to have the value of Newballoonstore Ltd. irrevocable for a period of 30 (thirty) days.
2.2 The contract for each individual delivery is concluded on the date of the e-mail order confirmation sent by Newballoonstore Ltd. (with sender INFO@NEWBALLOONSTORE.COM), or with his tacit behavior conclusive on shipment of goods, without however the unquestionable right to Newballoonstore Ltd. not to accept orders.
Subject Art.3 orders
3.1 The Client will have to inquire in advance about the validity of the list and indicate clearly the products affected by the order: to this end may use the code number and description of the products listed in the lists Newballoonstore Ltd. from time to time in force while still being expressly understood that these lists, as well as all the catalogs and all documents and promotional materials printed by Newballoonstore Ltd. are purely indicative and can not in any way be considered part of the order, except as expressly referred to therein and accepted by Newballoonstore Ltd..
Art.4 Prices
4.1 All prices are valid except for errors in the site of introduction. Upon receipt of the order, where the prices listed on the site differ from the actual prices for the goods ordered, Newballoonstore Ltd. is committed to communicating the changes to the CUSTOMER leaving the latter the right to cancel the order (this is to ensure transparency to the customer). The price list Newballoonstore Ltd. does not constitute any offer, it is purely indicative and may be changed unilaterally by Newballoonstore Ltd.without notice.
4.2 All prices are in Euro, excluding VAT and shipping.
Art.5 Delivery
5.1 Each sale is effected ex warehouse to Newballoonstore Ltd. and this being understood that all the transport operations are at the expense of the Client that you incur the associated costs and risks.

5.2 Unless otherwise agreed between the parties contained in the order, Newballoonstore Ltd. freely chooses the carrier, it being agreed that in such event Newballoonstore Ltd. will act as a mere agent of the Client that will bear all costs and risks of transport.Otherwise, the Client will have to pick up the merchandise at the WAREHOUSE Newballoonstore Ltd.no later than 10 (ten) working days from the date on which the notice will release the goods are ready for collection. If the Client fails by that date, the same shall reimburse Newballoonstore Ltd. storage costs in the store determined to an extent equal to 5% (five percent) of the agreed price of goods for each week of delay.After 30 (thirty) days Newballoonstore Ltd.will proceed with the sale of products not withdrawn by the Client.
5.3 All costs and risks of transportation, including storage inside the carrier, are the sole responsibility of Client in the following cases: Client's refusal to accept delivery by the carrier, unavailability of the Client during the working days in office hours, failure to surrender by the carrier, if the goods on delivery, following refusal by the Client to make the payment on time and with the arrangements agreed upon.
5.4 In any case GRPromotion sas reserves the sole right to carry out partial deliveries, except as otherwise specified in the order. In this case, the CLIENT will pay only the cost of the first shipment.
Art.6 Complaints and Returns
6.1 Upon receipt of the products the Client must immediately verify the status and compliance of products.
6.2 All complaints regarding the conformity of products to order, in relation to their quantity and / or appearance must be made in writing upon receipt of the goods and sent Newballoonstore Ltd. (info@newballoonstore.com) no later than 3 (three) days of receipt.
6.3 In any case, the return of products from the Client requires the written consent of Newballoonstore Ltd. remaining as of now understood that in the absence of an agreement to this effect products returned will be made available to the CUSTOMER's risk and danger transport costs, deposit on the CUSTOMER. In any case, the return of products from the CUSTOMER Newballoonstore Ltd. is done at risk, danger and expense of the CUSTOMER.
6.4 Management of returns

The anomalies found in shipments must be reported within 7 days. receipt of goods.
And 'expressly prohibited, unless written agreement, made for each unsold. Where there are special agreements, the means, however, made for returnable for credit and non-financial.
The right of return of the goods covered by any promotions, products and products customized to the Client for which there is evidence that they have already been used.
Returned products must be received at the warehouse GRPromotion sas prepaid no later than 10 days. the date of dispatch of communication (email) authorizing the return.
Any unauthorized return will be rejected or, if accepted by the warehouse, will remain the property of the CLIENT, at its disposal and will not be covered by any insurance.
Art.7 Warranty
Newballoonstore Ltd. 7.1 guarantees the products it distributed only for defects resulting from manufacturing defects.
7.2 The above warranties will be valid for month 12 (twelve) years from the date of shipment by Newballoonstore Ltd.. In any case it is understood that the guarantees referred to in 7.1 do not become active if the CLIENT has not made the written complaint in terms and in the form prescribed to 6.2.
7.3. Why not decay under warranty, the CUSTOMER, must send to Newballoonstore Ltd.products properly packaged in their original packaging; be complete in every part and accessory and does not exhibit any tampering or damage not resulting from a manufacturing defect.
Art.8 Terms of payment
8.1 All payments, unless otherwise agreed and approved in writing by Newballoonstore Ltd., are in cash (cash on delivery or collection from within the GR Promotion sas). In any case, Newballoonstore Ltd.reserves the right to withdraw at any time the terms of payment granted to the Client.
Art.9 Patents, trademarks, distinctive signs.
9.1 The CUSTOMER expressly acknowledges that the name Newballoonstore.com, its graphic composition and the know-how relating to products supplied are covered by intellectual property and industrial Newballoonstore Ltd..
9.2 The CLIENT shall not in any circumstances without the prior written permission of Newballoonstore Ltd., use, remove, remove any information relating to patents, trademarks or trade names of origin affixed on products supplied by Newballoonstore Ltd.
Art.10. Jurisdiction
10.1 All disputes arising from these Terms and / or from orders made in pursuance thereof shall be devolved to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.
Art.11. Validity
11.1 The conditions contained in this document may be changed without notice and will be valid from the date of publication in the website www.newballoonstore.co.uk.

PRIVACY: Newballoonstore Ltd. guarantees that any information provided for promotional purposes will be 'treated in compliance' with Decreto LGS. 196/2003. Newballoonstore Ltd. also announced that pursuant to Decree No. 196/2003 user data supplied when signing the purchase order and / or the compilation of the invoice are excluded from the consent as collected by the tax obligations / tax provided by law, regulations or EU legislation and, in any case, the sole purpose of meeting the obligations arising from the purchase contract and that 'the question and / or the acquisition of the necessary contractual information always and exclusively activatedthe latter's request (Article 24, Letter A and B, D. LGS. 196/2003).
Personal data may be communicated to those responsible for managing the service in question and only divulged within the scope of the service rendered (eg the carrier responsible for transport of goods).

Identification technologies access
Our site uses the technology of 'cookies' in order to operate the store. The personal data are hosted on secure servers.

Data controller of personal data
Owner of the collection of personal data and Newballoonstore Ltd. 600 Seven Sisters Road Nw1 London